About Cathy Thomas


My name is Cathy Thomas, and I have enjoyed piecing quilts for many years. The past twenty-two years, I have been a longarm machine quilter by profession. As any quilter will agree, it is the quilting that brings the quilt to life. In the countless hours I have spent ‘bringing quilts to life,’ I have developed an appreciation for the story behind the quilt, whether it be traditional or contemporary. I am intrigued by the picture and storyline the quilter has created through her use of color and design, and I am privileged to be part of the overall result.

I love all quilts, but especially Civil War reproduction and primitive quilts. In more recent years, I have also developed a passion for wool appliqué. The craftsmanship in both art forms speaks of love, comfort, and artistry. To me, every quilt or wool appliqué piece tells a story, and the colors and designs are like snapshots of life.

I am inspired by the lives of women in times gone by who have passed on a piece of their hearts through these simple arts of quilting and appliqué. In sharing my quilt patterns and wool designs with you, I hope to inspire your own passion for creating a warm and welcoming home through the work of your hands.